Josep Grifoll (ENQA) will talk about “Looking for an effective and efficient external Quality Assurance scheme for e-learning”

Josep Grifoll is representing AQU, the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency and has been invited to be one of our keynote speakers at the EFQUEL Innovation Forum this year.

An introduction to his talk…

“E-learning and external quality assurance for Higher Education, are two areas highly influenced by some of the most relevant values of modern societies. Both sectors deal with the issues of trust, equity, fairness, excellence, innovation, diversity, reputation, autonomy or transparency; and all those values are contextualised by a technological landscape that makes easier and cheaper to get access to the knowledge.

Any external quality assurance proposal for e-learning should consider a dialogue with all those values; but in any case there is a previous step to be taken, and this requires a clear definition of what e-learning is, as a process and as a product. An observation of the current European scenario shows an enormous diversity in the position and purpose of e-learning provision. This is probably one of the current obstacles for a higher development of an external quality assurance system in the sector.

The Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area are for enhancement, and this can be easily managed in the context of e-learning. Nevertheless the European Standards are also for accountability and recognition. This second area is the one requiring consistent European political goals for the forthcoming years. This is the real key issue in the way to look for an effective and an efficient external quality assurance system at the European level.”

Josep Grifoll will share his point of views with us on Thursday the 26th of September in his keynote at the EIF2013, Barcelona.  More about keynotes available here on the EIF website.